Get Rid of Those Dents and Dings

Get Rid of Those Dents and Dings

We offer minor damage and dent repair in Missoula, MT

Sooner or later, every car collects a few dents or dings. No matter how hard you try, they’re impossible to avoid. They can happen when you’re not even driving. These bothersome blemishes can result from:

  • Hail and severe weather
  • Contact with other car doors
  • Fender benders
  • Shopping carts
  • Sporting goods (baseballs, Frisbees…)
  • Road debris

It doesn’t matter who or what is bumping into your car, the damage can be unsightly and irritating. Mountain States Collision Repair, Inc. offers dent repair services, including paint repairs when necessary. Visit our Missoula, MT location to learn more about our auto body shop services.

We’re experienced with all types of auto body repairs

Mountain States Collision Repair offers a lifetime warranty on our dent repair services, for as long as the car is owned by an individual. Our auto body shop in Missoula, MT is experienced in handling minor auto accidents damage that doesn’t require part replacements.

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